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No Drying Cabinets and no Cages! We do every part of the process by hand making sure your loved one is within loving human contact at all times and once they are finished they are left to play around with their friends!!!

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...smelly days?

Nothing better than a warm shower with wonderful aromas to bring back those so loved cuddles and kisses from your family and friends.


Full Grooms

...have a date?

We all know how a bad hair day can ruin everything else. Well, we are here to turn that around and make you look like a star!


Hygiene Trims

...messy toilet or too close to earth?

Here is where we nicely sculpt you underneath so you can wave goodbye to unwanted dirt, debris and...other remains.


Face Trim

...looks gone wild?

Worry not, we are here to help with a nice face tidy up so you can go back to your glamorous walks.


Nail Clipping

...nailing your colours to the mast?

Come on!, you know you don't need to scratch to be heard, lets get nails sorted and just stare at your master with those big loving eyes and you will get anything you want!


Ear Cleaning

...are you all ears?

Lets make sure and keep them shiny and healthy.


Ear Plucking

...falling on deaf ears, huh?

Lets clear those hairs out of your ear canal so air can flow properly and help keep the maddening itching and painfully smelly infections away so you don't miss the word treats or walkies ever again.

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Teeth Brushing

...fancy cracking a smile?

Keeping your teeth clean will help fight the bacteria which produces that bad breath and tartar around your teeth and gums. All you have to do is smile and we do the brushing!


Anal Glands

...we hear you, something wrong with your boot?

We will help you keep it empty and tidy to prevent overfilling and obstruction. 

What we offer
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About our Grooming Parlour...

Founded in 2006 as a small grooming parlour and thanks to the support and loyalty of our clients  and friends we've now grown to incorporate a well  equipped Veterinary Clinic and well stocked Boutique and Pet Shop to be able to cover all your needs.

Our philosophy  and priority is to understand each dog's needs and fears. We work hard in building a strong trust relationship. We do everything carefully by hand ensuring your precious friend is under close supervision and human contact at all times.

The use of enclosed drying cabinets, automatic equipment and cages is not allowed in our premises.

After they are finished they are left in the ground to play and socialise with other dogs until you come to collect them.

Having groomed for so many years we realised the amount of times we came across health issues that had not been noticed before. This set in us the compromise we had  in not only providing a high quality grooming service but, understanding the responsibility we have in paying close attention to the skin, eyes, ears and teeth to detect at an early stage any possible underlying skin issues, tartar build up, gum inflammation, eyes and ear infections.

Now, thanks to the incorporation of the Veterinary Clinic we can spot and assess anything coming to our attention with a professional  Registered Veterinary Nurse or Veterinarian at no cost. If such a case arises you will be immediately contacted so you can deal with the matter at your earliest convenience with your preferred Veterinary service provider.

Find us

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Fulham Road,


SW10 9UU

Tel: 02078233111


Veterinary Clinic

9:30 AM - 6:30PM

Monday - Friday

Shop and Boutique

9:30 AM - 6:30 PM

Monday - Friday


9:30 AM - 6:30PM

Monday - Friday

Find us and Keep in Touch
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